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Travel cage for car travel

Hi all, I'm going to have to move this summer with my cockatiel and budgie, plus two kids and enough stuff to live on while we wait for a moving van. I already have a travel backpack that I've used for other trips (it looks like a Pak-o-Bird, but I just looked those up again and the prices made me gasp - I swear I didn't pay nearly that much). The problem is that the cockatiel and budgie don't share a cage, and the backpack is really tiny. I'm not comfortable with them sharing it for the length of time we have to drive (eight hours, but with a good chance I'll have to break it up across two days). So I'm looking for another travel cage that works well in a car, and hopefully costs less than the Pak-o-Bird. Any suggestions? I like to be able to attach the cage to the seat belt to prevent it from shifting.

(And unrelated side note: these two birds have a relationship I do not understand. It's like they like each other, and they act like they want to share a cage, but then the budgie chases the cockatiel away from his own food so I don't allow that. But they hate being separated in different cages. They spend most of the day on a play stand they share without fighting.)
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