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Re: Okay? Store bought, home-grown basil?

Quote: Originally Posted by noodles123 View Post
Eek...Never really thought about that possibility--- I have no idea! My bird hates basil anyway lol. You could call the company and see what they say. The paranoid part of me says better safe than sorry, the lazy part of me says by bird eats lettuce from the store and I have no idea what they used on it...Wash wash wash...and maybe call?? But I bet it's similar to any non-organic produce that you don't peel-- so unless you are doing organic only, I imagine there probably isn't that big of a distinction between what's grown in the ground on an a factory-style farm..
I never gave basil to him, but since Iím growing the stuff anyway, I thought I would give it a try. He used to love organic dandelion leaves, but I either canít always find it, he loses his taste for it when I can, and it goes to waste.

Itís probably the hardest part of owning a parrot, for me, anyway. How to feed the fresh stuff so he doesnít get bored with it, and it stays fresh.
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