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Re: What would you pay for these? +Other things

Quote: Originally Posted by birbsRcool View Post
I know it depends on the price it costs to make it, but it was literally free, unless...

The software i use came with a drawing tablet, which was about 100$
if that counts, yeah that is a bit overpriced aint it?
Not really, I have seen tablets and software for far more, likely a combination of level of fine line and other details used to create a wider pallet of Art. Plus, there is always size of the tablet and the abilities of the Software. High-end rendering CAD station with tower and software suit(s) can easily top 10,000 USD corporate costing.

Well, not "literally free". After all, you spent your time to create your work on that tablet and the last time I check 'your time' has value.

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