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Re: Resin Perches

I'm in the Philippines.

I don't think it's missing the point to say that one would want an indestructible perch as long as other chewable options are provided. Bamboo, coconut, ropes, etc will all be made available. (Sometimes even acacia branches tho they can be expensive). I'm looking for a perch that will last. This is meant to be a large tree perch so making it out of real wood would be too expensive in the long run (assuming my macaw turns out to be a prodigious chewer). I have contacts at the fabricators that make it not nearly as expensive as it might be in the states.

I haven't tried stabbing acrylic yet, but I would assume that would also produce a tiny amount of dust from the gouging? I'm most worried about the dust as I'm pretty sure she won't be to chew off any pieces.
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