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Stubborn parrot

Hello, I’ve got a Senegal, whose approximately 6 years old according to his ring. He was give up by a previous owner. He’s very stubborn and was from a seed diet. He had 3 bowels of seed, different brands for food when I got him. I’ve been trying hard to convert him. It’s taken about two years for me to finally get him to eat vegetables. I’m trying to open his range of veg up but he’s getting a mixed bowel every day and he’s starting to eat more so I’m pretty positive with it.

I need help with his base diet, he won’t eat pellets. I’ve tried lots of different brands and he won’t touch anything. I’ve tried different methods, everything suggested on here. Harrison’s, tops etc... are no good. I’ve even tried Marlene Mc’cohen tops brand that has some seeds mixed in but he only eats the seeds. He spends all day picking out the seeds. What do people advice?

He eats nutri berries, I fed him seed only ones and slowly converted without him realising. For pellets it’s impossible. I weighed him constantly on the pellets and he was losing weight quickly and had to change him back.

Thanks for help and advice!

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