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Re: Stubborn parrot

Does your Senegal like to Chew on things? My stubborn budgies... well they Still have not Converted -- but they will eat pellets as an adjunct to their diet. I tried every method - (including the sprinkle-with-powder method) - and nothing worked. But they are big CHEWers. (Especially Calliope!)

So, one day I got a big thing of lefeber's "parakeet food" (which is pellets), ground it up to powder, added "goodies" (ie little bits of their favorite seeds), mixed with water and cooked as waffles. Then I sliced them, and baked in low oven until they were very hard. I clipped these to the walls for Chew Toys, which the budgies happily went to work destroying. After some time (can't recall if weeks or days), I noticed they were occasionally going into my Conure's cage and actually Eating some of her Pellets!!!

So from there we have progressed somewhat. At this point - IF i mix pellets into their Food in their Regular food dishes -- they still will not eat them. However, they have a couple other food dispensers, from which they Will each Lefeber's pellets.

Also, my Sun Conure will pick around any pellets in her food bowl. (This is My fault. I believe Petco had her on good pellets. However I did not trust, since the food advice from different petstore where I got budgies, had Not been good advice. So I started her on a seedmix and by time I realized what I should've done it was too late, I had spoiled her already!) But for my Conure, I have a Separate, small food bowl, other side of cage, which I keep filled with pellets. She won't eat pellets from her food dish - but she happily eats them from her pellet-bowl, as a sort of snack. (She really makes me think of someone eating Doritos!) Sometimes it needs refill once-a-day, sometimes once-a-week.

(The pellets I use are Harrison's, and Lefebers. Sunny likes Harrison's, and I like their ingredients well enough, but the budgies still doN't like Harrison's at all.)

They are not really pets. They are small People with wings and Opinions. They pay no rent, expect you to come when they call, & like to destroy stuff.
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