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Re: Stubborn parrot

Harrison's conversion protocol effectively weaned my flock of eight from partial seed and mediocre pellet diet in ten days. I believe it to be workable with most any pellet. The goal is to carefully modify behavior, not starve into submission.

My strategy for broadening a parrot's fresh food palate is to capitalize on their "flock feeding" nature. Prepare two bowls of "chop," one for you, the other for your Senegal. Serve both simultaneously, begin to eat from yours. Make "mmmm" sounds, bob your head in delight. Sounds silly but fun! Another tip is to offer a repeatedly scorned food by hand. If they appear interested, hold on tight until they begin to nibble or tug. Reason for this is they will often do you the favor of accepting and immediately let it drop. Somehow mine seem to connect this method with something worth trying. And never give up offering! My female goffins tossed pear overboard for nearly two decades before nibbling. Now it is one of her favorite fruits!!
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