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Re: where I've been

Wow this sounds like something I went through a few years ago! My dog had a surprise pregnancy (long story, my sisterís dog was the father). I prepared the best I could; bought a Whelping box and made sure she was OK at the vet. She gave birth and everything was going smoothly at first, she seemed to be nursing the babies well and caring for them properly. They were putting on weight and seemed healthy.

Then things went downhill. Mommy developed mastitis and was in severe pain.. Iíve never felt so bad in my life. I was in constant contact with the vet and had to milk mom to relieve her swelling. She was put on antibiotics but it was too late for the puppies; they all developed a fever and two of the 7 died rather quickly. I rushed the pups to the vet and they were all given little chance to survive.. however I gave them their antibiotics on schedule, fed them throughout the night and gradually weaning them off of formula. I felt like I was going crazy having to care for them on such an intense schedule and felt like I wasnít doing it right. The constant worry (and sleeplessness) was getting to me.

I never felt such relief when I saw them accept the solid food I gave them! What I did was mixed a very high quality concentrated wet puppy food with Warmed formula. I put a speck of the mix on my finger and all of the puppies lapped it up readily. I was eventually able to put the mixture on a plate and all of them would come and lap it up. After that we were great.. all gained weight and were healthy. All found homes with our friends and continue to thrive. Just wanted to share my story because I remember the sleepless nights and the worry when things turn around.. it does get better and although it feels like itís taking forever itís really not too long before they will be able to care for themselves. I know what youíre going through, hang in there!!
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