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Re: where I've been

Emma is a doodle mix if I remember correctly she is specifically a Australian labradoodle (Kathy works with a variety of doodles/poodles so sometimes it's hard for me to keep track of who's what) she was born early 2017 so that would make her around 3 which is also concerning because shes so young to be having her 3rd litter already.

My own mental health was a concern has the past handful of months have been... less than easy and my mental health has taking a serious hit. However in my certain situation if theres something that needs me, my anxiety just doesnt exist and I am able to do whatever is needed of me. And these puppies desperately need me and despite the loss of the littlest one, I am doing okay so far.

I think there may have been some misunderstanding in my story, Kathy has been extremely caring and has shown the utmost care for these puppies despite her physical limitations. She knows that this will likely hurt the business side of things but in the end she doesnt care and would rather take the loss and give these puppies every fighting chance than do what Trudy suggested. As for Trudy, shes an interesting case. I have been in contact with Trudy for several years now as we have acquired a dog from her, and I can honestly say this behavior is new. I had been to her house and seen how the puppies were raised and treated on multiple occasions and there was nothing that had me concerned and I trusted her explicitly. It's hard for me to understand why she has become the very definition of a bad breeder however I know shes suffered some seriously life changes and we believe she has been showing early symptoms of alzheimers so that may have a play. Again it's hard to know.

As for the pictures I intend to upload them to imgur under a private submission and i can link that here so people can view as they're comfortable.
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