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Foods they like and ShouldN't Eat...

Nobody is surprised when their bird wants bread or pancakes, etc. Even pizza - these are all grain-based. We know birds like grains. They probably shouldN't eat them, or at least not too much, but it makes sense. Right?

But who else's birdie is just Ridiculous?

Foods she Loves, will go crazy for, which are NOwhere on the bird-approved list, and Definitiely Not Good for her:

Cheese. Deli-style sliced American-cheese from Market Basket. Other types of cheese? Nah. But any time I open the fridge she is there looking to see if I'm gonna reach for that yellow cheese. She takes a few seed-sized bites... most of which goes down my shirt... and then she's good. But she's gotta have those bites!!

Mayonnaise. What is up with this? IF I have anything with mayonnaise and she can somehow get to it, she will be right there, licking at it. Really? Mayonnaise?

Turkey. TURKEY. Granted, it's very GOOD turkey meat, from Raymond turkey farm. I get the pre-cooked chunks-by-lb. They raise the turkeys there, etc etc. So, yeah birdie, IF you're gonna eat turkey it's probably the only I'd feel slightly okay with. But Darling, you are NOT supposed to be carnivore!!

And, in this case I'm Not talking just a few little nibbles of seed-sized bits. She reaches for the largest chunk she sees before pulling off beak-able bites. Which she then actually EATS. (That is, I do Not wind up with a shirt-full of turkey meat.)

In case you're wondering, how she came to try eating turkey in the first place: Well, along with the plain meat, and various other options ie turk-pies, turk-chili, etc., Raymond's also sells prepared turkey salad. (Very plain - turkey meat, celery, and mayo only.) So recently, for the first time since I've had her, I got some turkey meat AND a container of turkey salad. I went to eat the salad, and her eyes lit up. She got herself right over to my plate, and I assumed she was just gonna take a lick or two of mayo. Nuh-uh. She might've come for the mayo, but she definitely stayed for the turkey!

They are not really pets. They are small People with wings and Opinions. They pay no rent, expect you to come when they call, & like to destroy stuff.
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