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Amy a Blue Front 'Zon Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-( And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
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Re: Foods they like and ShouldN't Eat...

Like Al's Saltyboy..Amy loves chicken bone's too. I like chicken also,so if I get any for a quick meal.I'll go to the local Popeye's and get a "combo meal". A breast and two drummy's The stick is of perfect size for Amy. I'll cut "most" of the meat off the bone ( I give that meat to Davids gert (cat) even though that @#$%^) always hisses at me and the side dish is either a mini corn cob (which Amy also likes) or bowl of rice and beans ( he's not too fond but will eat) Yes he'll eat pizza ( I don't get that often) I give a small bit that I leave the cheese,and a piece of meat ( either sausage or pepperoni ) and with peppers,NO onion of course!
Sometimes on a Sunday morning I'll order from a restuarant three minutes away brekky for David and I. I get an omlet..ham or sausage with cheese with peppers (again no onions) and David will get a short stack of 'cakes or French toasts,usually with 'taters. When I get back Amy is usually on his X perch right at my computer waiting for me. He'll again get very SMALL portions. A 'tater..small piece of 'cake ( no syrup of course) egg with pepper and small piece of ham or sausage,and a tiny piece of toast,just big enough to squirt his medication onto. But this is always in moderation! Does NOT get this everyday!!! Once a month maybe. He DOES get a small piece of toast or english muff every morning with a dab of almond butter and his 'nana flavored heart med.
Years ago,my mom ( r.i.p. mom) in the evening while watch tv,would have a bowl of vanilla ice cream ( Breyers..the best IMO no preservatives added) and when she was done there would be a small pool of melted ice cream in the bottom of the bowl. She's put the bowl on top of Amy's house and that crazy bird would lap that stuff up,just like a doggo would. But that didn't happen often and today Amy has no interest in it

Amy my beautiful Blue Front. Who was four months old when she picked me to go home with to her "forever" home in 4/1990.. DNA'd MALE in 2015
Jonesy, a cute Goffin 'too
that had to be rehomed :-(

And a Grey 'teil, BB...a.k.a. The Beebs
that was 18 weeks old 5/20/2016,

Rest in peace,my precious Smokey..4/2015 at 28 years young
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