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Re: Foods they like and ShouldN't Eat...

I admit that I am getting really devious. Syd's to die for list possibly literally if he had his way. Cheese, cornflakes, Nutty cluster cereal, Elderflower juice, Icecream, Yoghurt, Butter, Honey, Bread/toast, Strawberry jam, Marmalade, Cake every kind, Pancakes, pastry. The list seems to increase each week until now I prepare my meals with him in his cage. He then starts a low screech with rises to a crescendo with each minute that he doesn't get a bit. I now put something suitable on my plate early on in the preparations I then make a great show of cutting and blowing it cool enough for him. The minute he has it he is happy and my life and eardrums return to normal.

I'm dreading the day when he realises that he isn't having the same as me!
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