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What about dog saliva?

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I know about cat saliva and pasturella(sp?) but what about dog saliva? Also, I have been reading and most of what I read leans toward the saliva needing to actually get into a wound for it to cause major problems, not simply by the bird licking it's feathers or cage that may have saliva on it? Is this correct or is it toxic via oral means as well? I don't have a cat but we do have a dog and he approaches everything tongue first! He hasn't been aggressive towards her at all, I honestly think he is curious with a hint of being afraid of her. Which would make sense because when we got him at only 5 weeks old(yes I know, way too early but that was not my doing, and probably a story for another time) we had our two 'toos and they would scare the bajeezus(haha, never tried to spell that before) out of him, fluffing up, wings out, rocking back and forth trying to bite him whenever he would even walk past their cage lol. But anyway, so he tends to keep his distance from her but if either of us is holding her for any extended period of time he starts to get jealous and then starts "inspecting her". Just sniffing really but he keeps trying to lick her(like he does to everything and everyone). She shows absolutely no fear towards him and hasn't even tried to bite him even when I expected her to. They are NEVER alone unsupervised and even though I trust him as much as I could possibly trust a dog, I keep my arm up between him and her when she is on my hand when he is trying to sniff her, just in case either one of them would even attempt to do something stupid, atleast I could push him back with my arm and pull her away with my other arm. I know many of you will probably say that there is no reason for them to interact with each other under any circumstances, and while I don't intend on them physically interacting at all, I feel it's important for him to atleast smell her just so he can get used to her. He is a very protective rottweiler/shepherd mix and I know that as soon as he starts to see her as a part of the family he will protect her the same way he does with us(that probably sounds bad but trust me, it's a good thing ). I plan on the four of us living together for quite some time(ziggy is only 1.5yrs and the dog is only 2.5yrs) and I would like everyone to be comfortable around each other. So, if he licks her cage or would happen to lick her, does this pose any danger to her? And if so is this strictly a dog/cat saliva thing or is this a mammal saliva thing? Because I have seen many birds eat out of their owners mouths without ill effects, or were they just lucky that nothing happened?
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