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Re: Pet store alternative to (vet) Harrisons?

Quote: Originally Posted by fiddlejen View Post
I think Roundybush is also supposed to be a very good option. Keeping in mind, my birds use pellets as "side dish" rather than main food, I use Harrison's in combination with Lafeber myself. I'm pretty sure Roundybush is supposed to be better than Lafeber.

Many people really like TOPS which might also be not-commonly found at all petstores

(ALSO you could check with your petstore or even with Chewy, they might be able to order-in Harrison's for you, IF you want them to.)
Thanks for the input, I actually just went ahead and ordered Roudybush from Chewy I've only been able to find Harrisons at our vet (none that are closer to us carry it), and then on Amazon with high shipping costs.

All right, I'm a bit calmer now LOL
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