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Re: My untamed cockatiel got spooked while training this morning.

Quote: Originally Posted by wrench13 View Post
Too fast, too fast. Taming a flighted parrot takes time. She has no reason to let you come near her or for her to stay with you. So, start over, like it was day 1 only really take your time. Work at her pace, not the pace of your expectations.

Yes, take encouragement from this. The first few days seem like forever but really birds live a long time and the past 6 days were just a drop in the bucket to her.

So, start over again withOut being discouraged. This occurence was Part of your training of her -- and, of your Learning of her. If you haven't already, read all the threads about training of cockateils. Part of learning how to be around your birds is learning stillness, which you will develop without even knowing it. You will get there with slowness and love and patience.

ALSO: A big suggestion!! Read those training threads -- or any cockateil threads, or threads about other birds, or training websites, books, wikipedia articles etc -- ALOUD, in her presence, to her. Sit as close to her cage as she seems ENTIRELY comfortable with. (Even if that is all the way across the room to start with.) Pay Attention to her Body Language. (Remember a FLUFFED UP bird is usually/often a relaxed calm bird, but when she Looks Slim & Skinny, she is actually tense and holding her feathers at Flight-Ready. So observe the point where, with you in the room being still, she seems relaxed & a bit (or a lot) FLUFFY. Even preening - that is Best! Slowly move toward her to find the point where she is no longer relaxed, notice that point, and go Further Away. So, as Close as you can Sit while she Stays relaxed & Fluffy, sit there and Read Aloud to her.

2nd part of the suggestion: Remember your goal is to convince her that you are another bird who belongs to Her Flock. Think about how you hold your hands & your head. Try to subtly imitate her posture. Birds in a flock eat at the same time - follow her lead, you can eat a snack when she eats from her bowl. They preen at the same time too, so if she is preening, that is a good time to fluff your own hair. Etc. Etc.

Reading aloud to her will get her used to your voice while you are engaging in a low-stress, low-movement activity in her presence so it is a win-win. Reading about cockateils is a good use of your time in her presence but it could be anything. (Well anything relatively non-emotional. I would not recommend reading ANYTHING you disagree with in front of her, nor exciting news articles social media etc!)

I am sure you will do well at taming her with patience and love.

They are not really pets. They are small People with wings and Opinions. They pay no rent, expect you to come when they call, & like to destroy stuff.

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