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Re: My untamed cockatiel got spooked while training this morning.

Quote: Originally Posted by netlive0 View Post
My question now is, how bad is the setback? Do birds hold grudges, and are we back to square one? Or worse, will she hate me now?
Oh one more note. As noted above, you are only at Day 6 and you are Still Good to proceed forward.

BUT -- indeed birds actually DO hold grudges and they Will Sulk.

Now is a good time to start off learning to APOLOGIZE to your bird whenever you mess up. Or, whenever you think your BIRD MIGHT THINK that you, the so-stupid human messed up. Over-apologize excessively. Truly!! They will actually quickly learn what "Oh, I'm sorry!" means. Immediately and Contritely APOLOGIZING to your bird when any problem occurs, will go a long way toward her NOT holding that grudge.

I think this is obvious, but only because you're a new owner I will mention -- do Not Ever actually apply a bandaid nor anything sticky to a bird. Of course.

They are not really pets. They are small People with wings and Opinions. They pay no rent, expect you to come when they call, & like to destroy stuff.

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