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Re: Shady Pines Aviary?

I don't realy think it is a good idea to order anything not made in a factory of the the internet. I think you should go to the breeder/pet shop/ect. in person to get any pet. If they do not alow you to then there may be something wrong with the way they are raising the birds(like a puppy mill). if you just can't go in for another reason you should atleast see the bird in person before the money is in the sellers hand. there are so manny things that could go wrong! sometimes my parents would buy birds to breed and they would not breed or cuttle or may even be hurt opon arival at the airport because the old breeder didn't put food in the cage or it was stressed or old or misstreated or something. i've seen there website and there are losts of happy stories but makesure you look for bad stories on outher websites or just google them. you want to get the happiest bird possible. I hoped this hellped!
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