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Re: Hand sanitizer

I think they will be totally fine. I hate the stink of hand sanitizer, but it has never harmed any of my birds, and they have been around it for ages.

When I was ten years old my mom had a bone marrow transplant for her lukemia. She started using hand sanitizer all the time at that point. Every time she got into the car for any reason she immediately used it. One of those ingrained habits like putting on a seatbelt and checking her mirrors. She would often accidentally use hand sanitizer in the car with my birds in the car if we were taking a road trip. She would immediately open the windows and maybe step out of the car until it dried, but none of my birds have ever suffered ill effect. One of the birds exposed was Alex, my now 18 and a half year old cockatiel. He went on every road trip ever with me as a kid, so was exposed the most of any of the birds. Don't sweat it, your fids will be fine.

Do still try to wash hands before handling them, but certainly the occasional slip up like you are describing will not harm them.

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