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My baby CAG Annie, Need some advice

Hello everyone !!

I just need some advice from anyone who have faced this situation with his baby CAG.

So my baby is 4 months and a half old now. When she was 3 months old i introduced her to the cage and she was totally fine with it. Few weeks after she started to stop eating inside the cage and just started to 'dig' on the corner of the cage, as she wants to go outside.

And FYI, im always let her outside hanging out with me whenever im home, but sometimes i need to go to work or go out and no one can keep an eye on her, so i have to put her back to the cage.
And im scared that i dint want her to get used to eating and having fun only when shes outside and deprive herself from eating.

Even when i give her her favourite fruit (pomegranate) inside the cage she wants nothing to do with it, but shes outside the cage she will forget about everything and go eat it.

And i have provided her different types of toys which she all love when she outside the cage but when shes inside she does touch them as much.

So if anyone could help me and give me some ideas or advices on what i can do to make her feel happy inside the cage.
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