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Re: My baby CAG Annie, Need some advice

Quote: Originally Posted by LeaKP View Post
Hi! Normal what youíre experiencing. Keep cage full of good foods and toys. Offer more foods in than out and leave cage door open for her to freely move in and out. She needs lots of play as greys are super intelligent and donít like boredom.

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She have alot of toys and i keep her favourite fruits inside and show them to her but she wont touch them and just keep on digging and climbing the cage. Sometimes she hurts herself from all of the rumbling she does inside the cage.
Whatever toys or stuff she enjoys to chew on and play with i provide them in her cage, but still she wouldnt play or eat inside.
And when i get her out of the cage and leave the door open she flys away from it and doesnt want to get near it.
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