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Re: My baby CAG Annie, Need some advice

You've posted about this in a different thread. My advice is stull the same, as they grow up they are less satisfied with spending time alone in the cage. I don't know the size of your cage? But you burd may be finding it to small.....
The goal is for you to find as many ways as possible to incorporate the parrot out if the cage and into your life.

To guide foraging, at first you work on it with her and show her how.. sruff tgst us easy to chew up or rip apart. Thats shy tgey love our remotes one chomp destroys a button or tgey remove them. So find stuff tgats easy to chomp, stuff those parrot wicker balls with things to pull out. Hoist and hollor burd toys , tge sponsor on the banner at the top of tge page has its of great foraging toys, and you can get ideas of things you can make to...

Attach perches to the outside top and side of the cage, with toys sbd shreddable stuff,

When yiu hsve her out snd are hanging out together, take a few trips to hsve her step in tge csfe get a treat and step right back out hang out and repeat. So she learns she isn't always getting locked up in tge cage when you take her to it.
She has learned to associate the cage with confinement. You need to recondition her to view it as a safe retreat. That sge won't be locked up all day, tgst there is fun stuff to fo snd eat there and to take nsos abd sleep.
There is no magic way to make your parrot want to spend tge majority of her time livjed up in the csge sbd be happy sbout it. Young burds are ok with this because young babies would stay st the nest area, then slowly go and explore more with the parents. Now tgst tiur bsby is growing up she will never be happy spending hours in the csge entertaining herself...
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