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Re: My baby CAG Annie, Need some advice

So just work on positive reinforcement with the cage,lots of treats , make it fun , it can take time to overcome whatever negative association she has developed with it.

My rescue Penny was like this when I first got her. Now in her situation she had been caged in tiny cage, tgsr she couldn't even stand up in. When I furst got her home and let her out, she had rage and tantrums about going back into the cage. I spent several short sessions a day working with her , in and out if cage and treats, on top of the cage walk around and back to the top of the cage and treats. Lots of praise. She hangs out on top now and will go bsck nicely.

I gave the article on Soothing Rituals abd pattern g to music did you try that?

Every parrot is different, yours may have more energy, social, and intellectual needs. Is one of these areas you think your parrot might need more of work on that. Each of mine have different needs, one needs more snuggle than the rest, one need to burn more energy...

Consider a different style cage or maybe a larger one, maybe a different location, or different set up inside.
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