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Re: Who has pet insurance for their birds?

I have insurance for albie. I pay 18 a month with 5k cover per condition, for majority of treatments (routine beak and nail trimming, routine annual health checks with no tests or meds are not covered). He is also covered for escaping and theft and death (not Teflon related deaths though)

It absolutely gives me peace of mind knowing that all I have to pay is 35 and the rest is covered by my insurance and my insurer pays directly to my vet so I don't need to go through the stress and hassle of finding the money for a 2k treatment and then chasing the insurance to get the money back. He is on life time cover on the highest bracket meaning that the 5k per condition renews each year. The life time vcover also covers any lifetime condition, so if he developed arthritis, he would be covered for the rest of his life up to 5k each year which would include his meds and health tests and vet visits.

I would hate to be in a position where I couldn't choose to get albie treated and have to opt for Euthanasia because wits the only option that I could afford.

My dog was insured and his last night he got hospitalised, I know I would never have been able to afford that if he wasn't insured. I was able to say do what you can to save him, he's insured up to 7k so do what ever is needed. He still passed away but I have comfort in that I was able to do that.

For me being on a limited income, insurance is an absolute must for part of my pet care. I've done the math and even if I was able to put away all my disposable I come to one side (providing for albie come under essentials) it would come no where near the 5k. If I wasn't able to get albie insured I would never have bought him with my financial situation, as I wouldn't have been able to cover any vet bills.

I hope I never have to use it. And if I don't it's still 18 am month well spent in my opinion.

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