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Re: Sickly or am I paranoid? (Advice needed)

Awesome recommendations for the other ways to give meds, I'll be sure to try them that way he doesn't suspect anything lol. Also thank you for clarifying the gram-stain thing. We're definitely gonna finish them, we give animals meds at my work and I've seen how bad it is for them to start and stop Java is on fruit blend zupreem with mix of the pure fun zupreem as his main diet he also gets lots of fresh and frozen fruits to try as well as a variety of treats and things. I offer him seeds and fresh and frozen veggies but he never likes them enough to keep eating them \_(ツ)_/ I wasn't able to get to the store to pick up the yogurt until yesterday and I was so excited to try the baby food with him so that ended up being our test for the night. We're gonna try the yogurt today and I'll update yall on how it goes!
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