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Question Budgies and kitten

I am getting a kitten next week, and I already have two budgies. The budgies are in their cage most of the day downstairs in the living room, the living room doesn't have a door, it's very open. When I let them out for exercise, we go upstairs in my room, because the living room has too many potential dangers.

Now, the kitten will start upstairs in my brothers' room, and we plan to eventually let him roam around the house. Obviously, I will close the door to my room when the birds are out of their cage, but will the cat try to attack them when they are downstairs in the living room? Is there a way I can get her to learn to ignore them? I was thinking of moving the birds to another room and closing the door when no one is home, just in case.

Are these safety precautions enough? I'm mostly scared of the cat attacking them when someone is at home and they dont notice, or they dont get enough time to react.
Is there anyway to train the kitten to ignore them?

What should I do?
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