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Re: Budgies and kitten

Hi there, cat and bird lover here!

I currently have a kitten (16 weeks!) as well as a 9 year old ragdoll cat and 4 cockatiels (and a dog). Kitten and cat have free roam of our house, birds stay in a bedroom where their huge cage is though it remains open when birds are in their cage. If birds are out both cats are closed out of the room and not allowed in.

Kitten showed initial interest in climbing the cage but with a spray bottle she is quickly learning birds (and scratching couches, climbing onto the kitchen counter ) is not allowed. You have to be diligent with discipline for kittens so they learn right away what is acceptable. Keeping the birds up high (off the ground and not on a table) is ideal, though not everyone can get a huge cage on a stand.

Where do your birds sleep? Do they sleep in the living room in that cage, or in your bedroom? Where is the kitten going to stay during the night, will it be confined to a room at first (like your brothers room overnight?) or have free roam eventually? Keeping them separated while no one can watch kitten is going to be key here. Do not let the kitten near the birds if you cannot watch the kitten. Of course you never want to leave the birds out of the cage and leave the room with the kitten around, just not a good situation with that. You can watch the kitten near the birds in the living room but I would not let the kitten have free roam until she gets a little older and poses no threat to the birds/ ignores them. If you responsible and understanding that the 2 can potentially be unsafe around each other, there is no reason both cat and bird can't live in the same household in harmony. best of luck!
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