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Re: Sickly or am I paranoid? (Advice needed)

sorry for not updating for so long, had a lot of work stuff and bird stuff going on at once and I got a little overwhelmed. Good news is Java is now done with his meds and seems to be doing better on the sneezing front. He's been very energetic and is playing a lot so I'm really happy with how his antibiotic course went as far as the veggies and fruits thing goes i totally didn't realize it was too much fruit so that has changed! the vets I've talked to about my birds always said that feeding as much fruit as i had been was good and helpful as long as it didnt make up more than about 40% of their diets. As far as veggies goes I've been trying to offer more in different forms and stuff as of late, we're still on a struggle bus with that one though :/ but all we can do is try. The only negative that's come of this has been Java has developed a bit of trust issues bc he hated taking his meds so much hes already doing better now that hes been off them for for a few days though so hopefully he'll get cuddly again soon lol. thanks for all the advice! i was always super scared to join the forum and to post but yall have made me feel a lot better <3
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