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Re: Rehoming an Alexandrine in Texas

Ok had to deal with my screaming quaker. , I offered him a bath, and as he naps after bath I rotated some chewing stuff for him. Im going to attach a picture, that shows a bunch of chew and forage stuff I have for him. The green ball with holes is great for holding pop corn, or millit that he has to work for. On the shelf is a dollar store mini two drawer thing, that I put treats in, also on the shelf the blue parrot forage toy with shredded paper and stuff inside, bird kabobs ( yucca chips) , weaved in the bars is a few inches of those shredders that come in a roll, and that cardboard roll that looks like tape thst the sell for parrots, they seem to like peeling it.

I'd redo his cage, and move his cage to a new location, and find ways to have him out of the cage fir at least five hours a day. Read up on behavior modifications, my ornithology thread page 10-13 I think I have many behavior articles linked. Work hard and be creative on keeping him busy, and it takes time.
Ornithology: Share and discuss scientific articles on parrots!

Parrots are probably the most intelligent species on the planet after humans. And unlike dogs and cats who spend a majority of their time resting, parrots are highly active species. So its probably fairer to have the dogs or cats spend more time locked up than the parrot.

Their are lots of inexpensive ways to provide places for the parrot to hang out near you, but not on you. I put ceiling hooks up , and use fishing line to hang rope hoops and rope bungee near me, or by a different window. Also those metal stands are less than 30 bucks that are used to hold small burd cafes, or parrot swings or hoops. I attach chew stuff at each parrot station.

Bird tricks you tube videos has great foraging, training, and target training videos yiu can watch.

This is a great article
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