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Help with Foraging

I have a young Indian Ringneck, roughly 5 months old, and I'm trying to get some foraging toys and activities going for him so he can be amused in his cage while I'm at work. I'm after some tips to teach him to forage.

I have very recently purchased some paper-based kitty litter (Which includes some charcoal) to put into his bowl along with seed/pellets to try and get him familiar with the concept and get him used to the sight of the kitty litter and hopefully associate it with food.

First things first, does anyone have any tips for a simple foraging bowl? or is what I'm doing with the kitty litter pretty much correct? And what is considered a healthy weight for a 4-month-old Ringneck? I am planning on monitoring his weight while he's learning.

I also have a few foraging toys and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on teaching him to use them? Or even suggestions on how to set them up to be fun and interesting. I will include pictures to show what the toys look like.

I have a Tumbler, a wheel, and a ball. All clear plastic but the tumbler and wheel have moving parts and I'm unsure how to teach him to use them to get the food dispenced. I'm mostly worried he will get frustrated with them and wind up ignoring them if he can't figure it out quickly.

I'm very new to all this so I'm sorry if I'm missing obvious solutions. I'm happy to elaborate on anything if I wasn't clear or upload more pictures if needed. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds, any advice is appreciated.
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