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Re: Caique vs Mini-Macaws


Eeek.. You have a lot of research to do...To answer your question, neither. No parrot does all of these things with certainty (even if they are capable). This is a scary question. I hope you stick around and do a lot more research from non-"pet" websites (which over generalize and are often written by those with 0 parrot knowledge... If the word "pet" is in the url, avoid the site for the most part.

Parrots are not "kid friendly" (even though they can's more like, is your kid parrot friendly)..Would you rehome if your parrot attacked your child? If so, do not get one because this can and does happen and it isn't the bird's fault.

It's like adopting a flighted orangutan.

A "mini macaw" is a big bird...The bigger the bird, the larger the potential for damage. A mini-macaw can cause serious puncture wounds...a caique can also draw blood if motivated.
A parrot is probably the most complicated pet you could get (amazing as they are) and they are more like complicated children than anything (in terms of commitment required).

If your parrot wants cuddles and you give them, it's not's leads to behaviors....head and neck petting only...this is serious.

Also, never buy an unweened baby and know that ALL babies are SUPER easy compared to adults. Once they hit sexual maturity, even the sweetest baby will change...Much like human babies, vs teens.

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