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Re: Help with Foraging

Quote: Originally Posted by Gemster View Post
With foraging toys, I usually let my birds figure out what they have to do for themselves. If it is clear that the bird is frustrated due to his inability to figure the puzzle out, I would give him small clues. I find it’s better to give them a few starting minutes without any indications as this gives them a chance to solve the puzzle by themselves and increase their foraging ability.
For example, when I first introduced the ‘treasure chest’ foraging toy to Gemma, she became frustrated and aggressive as she did not understand the concept. I concluded with twisting the screws without opening up the chest to indicate that they have a role in completing the puzzle. I also set the toy to the easiest level by leaving one screw out. She quickly discovered the ‘key’ to achieving the reward. It took (which might seem like a long time) two full days for her to confidently twist and pull the keys out. (other times she would pull a key out then instantly push it back in)
With the ‘food tumbler’, I’d set the tube at the lowest/easiest level and, when first introduced, set it not upside down, but facing left or right. That will just increase the chance of him completing the foraging toy, reducing the risk of frustration. Once he completes that, increase the level of difficulty until you reach the limit.

Are you using ‘kitty litter’ to further increase the difficulty?
Yes, I’ve seen multiple avian vets recommend these pellets, although I would steer clear of them as they can clump and cause internal problems if they are digested.
I sometimes use shreds of paper; you could use plastic or wooden beads that are big enough to prevent him from accidentally choking on them.

At the moment I'm only using the litter in his seed/pellet bowls for the purpose of getting him to dig around a bit for his food. This was recommended by the avian vet when I took him in for a checkup. I've seen a lot of people use the litter in things like the tumbler so not so much food gets let out all at once too. Could that cause him problems? Is a better alternative to just cover up the food with shredded paper instead?

I also set him up with a bell pepper this morning that I cut some slits into the side and stuffed it with fruit, vegetables, nuts and leafy greens. I'm hoping he will get stuck into that while I'm at work today.
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