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Re: Help with Foraging

Also use screwed up pieces of paper in his bowl to cover his food. He'll have to throw it out or dig through it to get his food.

I have the wheel you attach to the cage, the ball and also a different style that hangs freely. My guy isn't the cleverest, but he worked them out.

Stuffing toys with shredded paper and then letting him watch you hide a big treat in it is a good way to start.

Even just putting a piece of paper of tissue onto of some treats encourages the behaviour to start.

My advice would be to not overthink it. You don't really need to spend a lot on toys, although they are fine if you have. I always stuff toys with treats or pellets, paper, bottle tops, knotted bits of safe rope, broken bits of other toys to keep him busy for longer.

I've noticed my boy is not really interested in foraging toys where he can't see the treat, but everyone will be different.

The cat litter also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I would be worried how the pellets were compressed and whenever I have used it (as cat litter) it can be very dusty. Also it's not that much of a challenge, the pieces are all the same so I think paper would be better.
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