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Re: Rehoming an Alexandrine in Texas

Hi! Omg. It's been so long since I belonged to a forum, it took me a bit to figure out how to reply to you and thank you for your insights and stories!

I love the idea of an aviary for Sushi! I even looked into one I could build in my yard, but realized I was back in the same situation with the weather (yes, even though I live in Texas!). We have several animals in our home, including a Miss Kitty named Peaches. She gets locked up when the birds are out, so that's why I have been limited in out of cage time in the past. I recently decided to increase the time out for Sushi (Miss Peach in her room) and he has now escalated to screaming even OUT of cage.

I believe you guys gave me some great insight (and what I suspected) to why - he is highly intelligent and he needs stimulation. The problem is, he ONLY wants to be on ME and only wants to chew on my clothing or groom my hair. This is fine for an hour or two, but trying to accommodate that for a full day while working and homeschooling (or helping to school) kids, it's impossible. I'm going to look into the additional toys and foraging opportunities for him and I had already considered adding music to his area during the day.

I truly appreciate all your responses - straight forward does not bother me, either! I need help and I want to learn how to keep my boy and keep him happy. Blessings to all!
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