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Re: Things To Keep In Mind When Rehoming.

Truly Great Advise!

The 'old' basics are as good as Gold today as when they first appeared long, long ago!

- If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is!
- Never look a 'gift' horse in the mouth! (This one needs clarification these days -- the appearance of a horse can hide its age, the wear of the teeth never lies). With Parrots, sadly, there are few ways to tell their age!
- Something for 'free' rarely is free! That sick 'free' Parrot will cost you dearly, in heartache and money.
- Separating the wheat from the chafe's. Yup another old one, but translates into: The best place to exchange money and a Parrot is at a Police Station!

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!
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