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Re: Aggressive Galah Help

Welcome to the forum!

sometimes things like that happen and our birds loose trust and confidence in us. Depending on how much trust we built up in the " bank" they can shrug it off, or we have to start putting in " deposits" of trust back into the " bank" sometimes things can go do far south we have to start completely over and pretend this is the first day we brought the bird home, and start building trust back from scratch. I find hand feeding a treat a million times a day helps me bribe my way back into good graces.

Its possible its " breeding " season where you are, and a hormonal bird can aggressive and touchy during tgst time. You can and should still work with them, but keep in mind the hair trigger . Hopefully by next hormonal season you will have a better trust and understanding and it's easier to get through.

Don't be nervous around him , they pick up on that and it makes them nervous.
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