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Re: Aggressive Galah Help

I agree with this as well--- definitely take it slow-- learn the body language, but also consider age etc. A young bird is sweeter than an older bird (even though an older bird may be sweeter long-term, once you know the fellow).

It can take a really long time to build trust, so never force it and never buy into the whole "dominance" thing-- it is wrong.

You must know your audience. My cockatoo won't take me seriously when she is upset unless I act like I have NO IDEA that she is upset. If she gets there, I have to plead ignorance (while speaking with the enthusiasm of Elmo)...thankfully, it only happens like...1x a year?? That having been said, that is not the only time she is moody or hormonal! lol

Maybe..she is Elmo, and I am Maria? LOL! Only, I never say, "QUIET!"--but cockatoo owners should be aware that they have a "quite/loud" elmo in their homes HA
PS: Don't tell cockatoo Elmo to be quiet!!!

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