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Re: Male or female eclectus? Eclectus just in general?

Quote: Originally Posted by chris-md View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Sa_2503 View Post
I am actually looking for a bird that will most likely just enjoy spending time with us (being in the same place, perched on our arms, etc), and that will be receptive to trick training (clickers!). They are also known to be talkers, aren't they?
Yes, ekkies are great talkers, especially the males. But that is a species trait, so be careful about generalizations. There are plenty of ekkies who refuse to say a word. Most are closet talkers, who only talk when nobody is in their line of sight. its an attention getting device desiged to get to you come running to them.

You've really just described about every parrot out there. Macaws, cockatoos, budgies, ekkies...they all are completely amenable to clicker training, and thoroughly enjoy spending time with their human flock.

Heres the thing with one-person birds: Yes, they are a thing. But a good part of the cause of this problem, which is largely biologically drive at its core, is actually TRAINING!

One person birds aren't all aggressive to "others". OPB manifest in on a spectrum that ranges from happy to see everyone, to "ok, I'll come sit with you, but i"m watching my favorite person the whole time", to " *Fly away* leave me alone" to "I want to rip your face off".

All you hear is aggression, and thats because its a PROBLEM people seek help for. They don't seek help for a bird who will sit with them, even reluctantly. So aggression is not always the case. My ekkie manifests it in the form of always trying to escape from me and get to my partner whenever possible, his favorite hands down who can do no wrong, or at least ignore mean and coo at him. I get bit several times a year during hormones, my partner has never been bitten, not once.

Any bird showing aggression as a OPB can be trained to more readily accept handling from various people Its all about socialization from a young age. Get them handled by lots of people as young chicks/birds before maturity, and they'll more likely accept a wide range of people easily.

So with this in mind, I think you can broaden your options significantliy, depending on what is available to you in Mexico. You might check out Red Fronted Macaws, which are the largest of the MINI macaws ("mini" is relative, these are just a touch bigger than ekkies). These are known to have one of the best personalities of the macaw species. And they have the ability to hover in flight, something not a lot of other birds can do.

Or one of the smaller amazons, like the lilac crowned amazon. These can be really sweet.
Thank you! I really like Amazons, and I look more into them (just afraid of buying a wild-caught one, but I guess that as long as they have all the permits and come from a respectable breeder this will not happen). I guess what I was really afraid of is that the bird will choose someone else as their favorite (that's why I was really going for ekkies, but apparently all parrots choose favorites), but since I will be the one doing most of the interaction with him (training, food making, cage cleaning) I can only hope that they will choose me, or at least tolerate me.

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