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Re: Seeking experienced parrot owner in/near New York to adopt two conures

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My husband and I are seeking an experienced parrot owner to assume the care of our two fully-flighted adult female conures (turquoise green-cheeked and black-capped). They are sweet, wonderful girls, in excellent health, and we want to ensure that they go to the best possible home, where they will be kept together, kept flighted, and kept happy. We will request a (virtual) interview, (virtual) home tour, veterinary reference, and signed contract from any potential adopter. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing further, or know someone who is. Thank you!
Hi I am in NYC and have fostered parrots previously and the current pack includes 4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 20 year old Greenwing macaw named Oliver. Oliver is fully flighted but does not fly yet. He is a recent addition to the family and I hope train him to free fly. He just came off a molt and finally settling down to his friendly sweet self again. He has a stainless steel double macaw cage when joke is home otherwise he is out. Happy to discuss more if it seems like a good fit
Hi, o wondered what happened to the Amazon you found in the box? Id love an update!
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