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Red-belly scared to go into sleeping cage

Our 1.5 year old red belly, Wasabi, has been happily stepping into his sleeping cage in the evenings for his whole life until the other day when something frightened him. Now he is terrified to go in there.

I don't know exactly what triggered it, but it started when I wiped up some spilled water from the table his cage sits on with a green towel and he freaked out, leaping out of the cage. Earlier that same day I also happened to have moved a few boxes to a different location in the room.

The cage is mostly covered at night, and we have a webcam to watch him sleep. He used to tuck his beak and and go to sleep promptly, now he sits anxiously awake for hours after we coax him in despite his protesting.

Any advice on getting him comfortable with his sleeping cage again? We've tried just spending some time in that room with him, letting him explore a little, but he just seems scared to be in the room now. He is fine everywhere else he normally spends time (but tired).

Thanks for your advice!!
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