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Seeking Advice About Acquiring Bee Bee Parrot

I've been looking to adopt a parrot for quite some time without much luck. A local feed/grain/garden/pet store has two Bee Bee Parrots for sale (although they are calling them Bee Bee Conures). They are about a year and half old and have been in the store for a year, kept in a cage together. They have not been handles very much at all. I am looking for one bird that will be a friendly and tame companion. If I buy one of these birds, what are my chances of it becoming socialized and friendly? Is it wrong to separate the two birds? Would you advise against one of these birds if I'm looking for a bird that become a friendly pet? I know I will have to work with the bird and I'm happy to do that, but I don't want to get a bird that is too old/too neglected to properly socialize.
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