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Re: Male or female eclectus? Eclectus just in general?

Quote: Originally Posted by Sa_2503 View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by chris-md View Post
Amazons are biters. There’s that generalization again. No, they aren’t biters. They get a bad rap particularly because puberty can potentially hit them hard (more aggressive, perhaps more more than other species would be during the same life phase). But that behavior during puberty is hardly unique to amazons.

One word about the eclectus diet: this is a situation where what’s good for the good is good for the gander. Ekkies can’t be on the diet of other parrots, but the eclectus diet being really just fresh food, ANY parrot can eat that. Almost Any species would do very well munching along with you on your veggie dinner. Many other non eclectus parrot owners feed their birds a fresh fruit and vegetable diet. So you aren’t very limited there.
Thank you for the answers! You have been so helpful in opening new options for parrot choosing! I will look more into different species available here in Mexico. I think that I will really like to keep researching more options.
Quick update! I have researched a lot and eliminated amazons, Scarlet macaws, military macaws, and quaker parrots from my list. Selling and buying these parrots is illegal here in Mexico. Quakers are invasive(damn people that release their pets) amazons and macaws are national parrots and get trafficked a lot. Other than that, I am still researching!

Edit: Blue and Gold macaws along with Greenwing macaws are still ok!
Edit 2: I could still buy a blue-crowned amazon, but I will keep away from it just in case (I want to keep stuff 100% legal)

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