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Re: Male or female eclectus? Eclectus just in general?

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Kudos for your continued enthusiasm and research!

Green Wings are standouts in the world of macaws. In my experience they have a more mellow disposition compared with Blue & Gold. Macaws tend to use the beak for bluffing, and thankfully are less likely to bite in extreme anger. All you ever wanted to know about those beaks! Big Beak O Phobes Guide to Understanding Macaw Beaks...
Thank you so much for the useful link! I am actually inclining myself more towards the blue and gold macaw (Love the green wing, but they are a tad too expensive). I also found a good breeder that sells them (B&G) for $1800, which is so much better than the $3250 of the green wing.
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