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Re: Male or female eclectus? Eclectus just in general?

So I have both a make and female Ekkie. Basil just turned 23 years old last week, and Paprika is around 22 weeks old how.

Basil is very chill. He likes to be out and hang out, but doesn’t prefer to be held a lot. He’s never been into getting petted or scritches. He will let you hold him upside or like a football and is generally gentle minded. He just isn’t into hanging out in your shoulder or arm. He’d rather be on his perch next to you or on top of the cage while you are on the couch.

Paprika is still just a baby. But she is very different then Basil was. She likes her time to explore the house and loves to look out the front windows and scream any time a bird comes in view. She also loves to fly over and land on you if you are at the table or on the couch. She loves falling asleep on my shoulder and also loves to sit like a chicken on eggs on my chest and fall asleep. She loves the back of her head rubbed and also her beak rubbed. She will also go into assault mode sometimes where she lashes out at everything. She doesn’t bite hard but she definitely lets you know she’s in a certain mood.

This is just my experience. I have heard that females can get more aggressive as they hit puberty and you want to avoid allowing them into any dark spaces that they could see as a nest.

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