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ugh window injury

Noodles is fine BUT she called out to the birds (as always) and one came slamming into the window-- this has happened for many years since I adopted her (despite window indicators etc and small windows!!!), but this time, it was bad (I swear it is Noodles and not the windows-- honestly...I can go into that some other time)

There is no visible blood, but the bird is nearly dead I think..maybe a broken neck? Whatever the case, it was below freezing, so after about 5 minutes of fretting and looking for a small box, I dumped out an Amazon purchase, lined box with paper towels and covered with a ragged towel..

The poor thing is not well....I called wild bird rehab within 30 m of the incident, and I THINK (??) She is still alive, but very out of it...her body feels warm, but that's about it...She's in a box in the bathtub with lights off and door shut...Dk if there is hope, but I hope so..

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