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Re: I was not expecting this...or is it normal?

Yeah- let him out and just leave his cage door open for as long as you are able to hang out--- Keeping in mind the fact that he will likely get braver at some point and venture elsewhere.

Again- when the bird goes back into the cage, remember not to shut the door each time (you want to get him comfortable with going in and out)

For example- if he comes out and then goes back in to eat, let him come in and out a few more times before locking it if you are able. I say this because eventually he's going to feel more comfortable and prefer outside to being in his cage. If going into his cage means getting locked up (treat or not) he is likely going to start avoiding it once he notices a pattern.

I don't know your home's setup, but they are super social, flock animals, so most of the time it's best to keep them in the part of the house where people spend most time (excluding the kitchen). I understand if you have him in a smaller space early on because you are afraid he my fly off in a larger area, but it's a good idea to try and get him familiar with what is normal in your home to some extent.

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