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Re: New here and lost my conure

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Renal gout can be advanced by excess protein intake, though your diet for Alex appears mainstream. I've attached a comprehensive article discussing kidney anatomy and function, renal gout discussed page 457.

Given Alex's young age, might there be a hereditary component? Parrots are masters at hiding illness, there was likely no advance warning short of comprehensive blood analysis. Stress is impactful, though folks routinely move parrots without harm.

Please know that while the pathology report was not entirely comforting, most or all of us would have done similar given the circumstances. Sometimes the unthinkable happens despite our best efforts. I am certain Alex knew he was dearly loved and a bit of him will sing in your heart forever.
Scott most excellent link@ will you stick it ornithology thread too? I need to read with some glasses on print is so tiny. Definitely will read closely when time permits.

Lisa, you fed an excellent diet. Definitely nit deficient in Vitamin A. That was they only link with gout i saw, and said in article not appearing that gout is nutritional..

I saw viruses may play a role. And with a young bird like yours, I could lean he came home with a virus, many are out there, many times the bird can overcome them, and we never know. So much research needs doing in parrots. And there has become more warehouse breeding of birds for pet trade than used to exist. And not enough regulations and testing.. just thoughts

And also possibly a hereditary condition. As Scott mentioned.

And while additional stress like moving, can push them past the ability to cope sooner, this was an ongoing issue, and was going to take him anyway... sadly.....I so wish they showed us early signs of being in trouble,....I so wish they did. You didn't do anything wrong!
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