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Re: New here and lost my conure

Quote: Originally Posted by Ellie777Australia View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa999 View Post
Thank you everybody again for taking time to write a response. This is such a supportive community. I'll be reading and educating myself more about birds. I would go to that pet store again and buy Alex again even if I knew he came with a virus or a disease. I just wished I knew then what I know now... He was an amazing bird and very special to our family.

Hi Lisa, when reading your words and expression of love for Alex, I do picture you bringing home a rescue/re-home some day and loving it for it's lifespan, whether short or long. You are a gem.

I try to do the best for Ellie and Bertie everyday. Today I am more knowledgeable than yesterday. Tomorrow I will be wiser than today. We learn, we grow, we change - like you, we do our best today and every day.

Thank you, Ellie! Your kind words made me feel good today. A rescue bird is in my thoughts
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