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Re: New here and lost my conure

Quote: Originally Posted by LaManuka View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post

Please know that while the pathology report was not entirely comforting, most or all of us would have done similar given the circumstances. Sometimes the unthinkable happens despite our best efforts. I am certain Alex knew he was dearly loved and a bit of him will sing in your heart forever.
Scott is, of course, absolutely right, Lisa, and I don't think there was anything particularly wrong with Alex's diet. I also believe that many pet birds are victims of bad breeding practices and come with pre-existing health and/or genetic issues that prospective owners know nothing about and, like you, are left heartbroken as a result. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you Lisa, but I do believe that you are most wonderful bird mom. Your heart will know when the time is right to try again.
Thank you, Martina for your support. It's been good to have support especially from people like you who understand what it feels like loosing a bird ...
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