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Re: Tag Feature

I know this was brought up before. I think it was that would cost extra that they didn’t want to spend.

I’ve thought about it a lot, personally I’m not sure how I feel. Theoretically it’s great, but I see some problems with tagging people who haven’t been around much or tagging people who don’t want to be tagged.

I’ve also seen it several times - Facebook mostly, where tagging is readily available - basically shut down a conversation and ice out participants: someone says “@sailboat is our authority on amazons”, (not to pick on you, my good friend! You’re just convenient) the OP - especially if new to the forum - gets it planted in their mind that only sailboat has advice worth hearing, nevermind we have many Amazon owners here with a breadth of experience to share.

Suddenly everyone is tagging only sailboat, devaluing others. Or in the worst case, inflame egos that don’t need further fanning (we’ve had a poster or two in the past I could totally imagine hogging a thread with implied “I was tagged so I’m right and everyone else is wrong” or l”I was tagged so only I should be giving advice here!”).
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