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Conure help!

Hi guys! Sorry this is going to be a long post but Iím desperate for some help (pretty please!)

So, I have a Jenday conure (unsure of the age but heís about 6-7 years apparently. We were told when we got him nearly 3 years ago that they donít know the age but heís probably 3-4 years old)
So the Jenday (Skittles) has been our baby for nearly 3 years. We have loved him from day 1 and always allowed him to go in and out of his cage as he pleases. He is scared of hands but only likes to have sunflower seeds from our hand. If we try target training or trick training he takes snatches the seed from my hand and spits it out as if to show his anger.

After over 2 years of trying and finally getting him to sometimes step up for a sunflower seed, we decided maybe he was bored and lonely so we went to get another conure (GCC) when we get to the breeder the GCC and the Pineapple were inseparable so we brought them both with us as not to upset them...
Now, weíve had them for a month...they all get along really well but now none of them are tame, and none of them will come to us. They come out of the cage first thing in the morning and stay on top of their play stand and then we turn off all the lights and they go back in for bedtime.

Skittles doesnít like millet spray. Only sunflower seeds as a treat. And the nee one donít take anything from our hands. We are desperate to get them to interact with us, but at the point of giving up.

PLEASE HELP a very sad bird mummy who just wants to give her feather babies some love!
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